Advantages of packaging machines

1. Packaging is most important factors in product sell.
2. It makes product absolutely safe.
3. It is an effective safeguarding strategy.
4. Packaging makes the product look attractive.
5. It is an excellent manner to increase sales.
6. It preserves material for long.
7. It helps in delivery.
8. It provides automation in the manufacturing industry
9. eliminate the error caused by packaging processes
10. reduce need of labour for packaging

Snacks and namkeen pouch packaging machinery and applications

Snacka and Namkeen packaging machinery is exquisitely designed for  packaging of different types of namkeens and other snacks. It is used for packing of all the snacks and namkeen efficiently with complete sealing. It provides high quality packaging and  ensures freshness and quality solutions.

Snacks packaging

Snacks packaging


  1. Easy installation
  2. long service life
  3. High speed
  4. High productivity
  5. Resistance to wear and tear
  6. Fresh and safe packaging
  7. Free from contaminants
  8. Highly efficient
  9. Automatic machines
  10. Easy to use and maintain.




  1. Chips packaging
  2. Puffed Snacks packaging
  3. Dry Fruits packaging
  4. Wrapped Candies packaging
  5. Macaroni packaging
  6. Biscuits packaging
  7. Pasta packaging
  8. Breakfast packaging
  9. Cereals packaging
  10. Potato Chips packaging
  11. Kurkure packaging
  12. Macroni packaging
  13. Indian Namkeen packaging
  14. Nuts packaging
  15. Soya packaging
  16. Chunks packaging
  17. High Counts Biscuits packaging and many more



Packaging of products like :

Chips, Puffed Snacks,Dry Fruits, Wrapped Candies, Macaroni, Biscuits, Pasta, Breakfast Cereals, Potato Chips, Macroni, Indian Namkeen, Nuts, Soya Chunks, High Counts Biscuits

Special packaging machine : Kurkure packing machine

Kurkure packing machine

Kurkure packing machine

Kurkure packing machine has international quality standards. It bring innovative technology and high quality material which includes corrosion resistance ,low maintenance and touch screen interface.


  • Excellent strength
  • Smooth operation
  • High efficiency
  • Long service life

Packaging Equipment and Machinery

Along with different types of dry food packaging machinery, High Performance Packaging carries high-quality used pouch packaging equipment to help production lines maintain optimum performance. For quality assurance, we have a tendency to only carry the most reliable brands within the packaging business, without the high prices of purchasing new machinery directly from the manufacturer. We provide a spread of machines intended for the packaging of the product.

Our team of specialists will help you choose the correct used packaging equipment, ensuring your pouch packaging facility has associate assembly that can operate with a consistent level of quality within the future.

VFFS Bagging Machines

One variety of equipment usually used in pouch packaging is that the VFFS bagger. Your packaging, assembly may benefit for the most part with one or more used VFFS baggers from high brand including Anubhav Udyog. We carry models intended for applications requiring low to high speeds, with different choices available looking on your facility’s desires.

Packaging Equipment and Machinery

Packaging Equipment and Machinery

Multihead Weigher Machines

In-line multihead weigher are used in pouch packaging lines, and used models are on the market from trusted brands like Anubhav Udyog to improve your production lines’ potency and accuracy when consideration product. Numerous models are on the market for low- or high-speed production lines.

Product Conveyors

Pouch packing facilities need conveyors to move products down the line from one step of the packaging method to the next. Our inventory includes conveyor brand like Anubhav Udyog.

With a complete conveyor system put in in your packaging line, packing products of variable size and shape can travel through your facility with equal ease.

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Atta packing machine

Rice packaging machine and its functions:


The rice packaging machine is specially designed to fill granular products like and rice and its packaging so as to preserve it for shipping. The function of the machine is performed in a specialized manner. The task of filling of rice is performed in a well arranged manner. Material is drawn from the hopper by the gravity feeder of the machine and is filled in open mouth bags after which it is sealed through machineries.


The advantages of such machines are that it is programmed machineries that fill with particular weight and particular values. It is ensured by the machinery itself that precise filling as accurate weighing is done this is done by electronic controller. Also no wastage of material is done which preserves the product and ensure less costing. Other advantages include:





  • It reduces over-head of workers
  • It does not require high skills.
  • Complete packaging process can be carried out in one shot.
  • It is a fully automatic machine.
  • It keeps rice packaging free from dust.
  • It provides safe and tamper proof sealing of rice bags and pouches


Functions of Rice packaging machine:

  • Pouch or bag filling
  • Sealing of pouches/bags
  • Labeling and coding
  • Palletizing
  • Wrapping



The rice packaging machinery at Anubhavudyog is designed specially as per the need of the client. The machinery provided by Anubhavudyog had advanced technology and quality.