How to select the best firm for buying packaging machinery?

These days good packaging of product is essential for increasing its sales. A product will only be sold if it has proper packaging. Efficient and appropriate packaging of product can only be assured with packaging machinery as it the advanced and most efficient way to ensure proper packaging of products. But once you are sure about settling of packaging machinery at your manufacturing plant you must make sure that you purchase it from the right machinery manufacturer.

It is because a right packaging machine manufacturer can only give you right machinery. You must remember to research about the manufacturer before actually buying any machine from them. Other factors like cost of the machine offered by them are also essential because you can only buy a packaging machine when it will suit your pocket.

Other than this make sure that they are only using latest and modern technology in the machinery it is because if you have a machine of old technology it will get outdated very soon. Thus select a company that could provide best packaging machinery.

Packing machine manufacturer

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Essentials of Packaging

Packaging is major concern for a manufacturing firm. So as to provide efficient packaging solution, an owner must keep in mind the following aspects of packaging. Some of the essentials of packaging are:

  • Packaging as per environment – Packaging of products must be done in a manner that it remains healthy until it reaches a customer. The packs must not have any chemicals or harmful products that could harm user in any means.
  • Packaging in attractive packs – It is only the packets that are visible to customer which he can see for making the purchasing decision of a product thus packaging must display properly about the product such that it tends a customer to buy it immediately. It must express with attractive style and best graphics. Because of this quality of a product can be judged.
  • Packaging provides convenience – Packaging of product must be done as per the use of customer. Like if you are packing a snack or chips it must be in easy to open and easy to enjoy pack so that a user can enjoy it anywhere and if it is a frozen product than it must be available in proper seal pack so that it remains for long.
  • Packaging with proper label – A pack must define the product inside it. It must include its direction to use, ingredients, guarantees etc.
  • Packaging must be cost friendly – A business owner of a manufacturing firm needs to remember that even when he needs to provide a product in attractive and effective packaging it must suit his pockets. That is the cost involved in packaging must be manageable for the owner.
  • Advertising with packaging – sometimes packaging is not sufficient a owner need to advertise its product with the packaging so that when a user sees the pack he can identify that this packaging belongs to which company and what is inside the packs.
  • Packaging must abide the packaging rules – As per the rules of packaging the ingredients like spices, snack, chips etc must be packed in quality packets such that they remain healthy and is easy to destroy that it does not create any harm to environment. Other than this it is also necessary as per rules that the food products must have mentioned labels over the packaging that described about the product, its direction etc. Also product quality and expiry is necessary on packaging.


Packaging in a food manufacturing firm

There are numerous food manufacturing companies. With the growing need of food like snacks and namkeens the food manufacturing companies has also increased. Different brands and different companies have involved themselves in manufacturing of such products and its packaging. You can see several brands like Bikano, Bikaji, Haldiram, Lays, Uncle Chips, Kurkure etc.  These famous brands are the companies who only deal in food business.

People enjoy eating snacks and sweets outside in a clean packets. Famous companies like above sell the food product in a packed manner so that they can be easily enjoyed. Companies like Haldiram is into both the sweet and snack business. All this brands can be recognized easily by the similar types of packaging used to sell its products. By the packaging itself you can distinguish a chips pack of lays from a chips pack of uncle chips. This has only been possible due to advancement in technology of packaging.

Prior when manual packaging was available with food manufacturing company’s proper packaging was not assured. It is not necessary that similar packaging can be done for each product by hands but with food packaging machinery efficient and similar packaging can be ensured. There are firms that help in installation of packaging machineries like Kurkure packaging machinery, chips packaging machinery, snacks packaging machinery etc. With this machinery thousands of products can be efficiently packed in same type of packets. But a food manufacturing firm must keep some points in mind for packaging they are:

  1. Food remains healthy for long.
  2. It stays away from moisture and insects.
  3. It includes proper label of ingredients in it.
  4. Its disposal is as per environmental rules.

Also decide that whether your company is ready for automation or not. This can be judged by following steps:

  1. Identify that does your business requires automation at present or not.
  2. Analyze current packaging scenario that what is the current packaging rate, how many competitors are equipped with packaging machinery, what are prevalent market condition for automation etc
  3. Find out the installation charges that will be required to install the packaging machinery and analyze that is it manageable or not that is will you able to afford it.
  4. Make a proper selection decision of appropriate machinery depending upon the product.
  5. Determine the future goals that whether this automation will help your organization in any means in your future.

Function of packaging

Packaging is essential for long survival of product. It is a packaging that actually symbolizes the product. When a person goes to a supermarket and needs a product he makes a purchasing decision on the basis of packaging of the product only.

A packaging machinery can increase the productivity as in it provides efficiency and quality to product other than this it is also equally important in completing of work in time for example candy packing machine can pack about hundreds to thousands of candies at a time. It wrapped all of them in minutes without any loss. Packaging machinery is suitable for packaging of all types of products like cold drink, food items, cooking items, medicines, cotton, tobacco, silk, linen, etc.

Function of packaging

  • Packaging machinery can lead to improve of labour productivity.
  • Packaging machinery is much faster than manual packaging and it also ensure packaging quality.
  • With machinery you can specify your specific need that you want to be achieved from packaging solution that is because these machineries are developed in a manner that they can handle specialized requirements.
  • By installing the machinery one can reduce the amount of labour which was required prior for packaging of thousands of products.
  • It improves working conditions for bulky/heavy products as with less labour and less time it can pack a complete lot of hundreds.
  • Machinery can also protect workers from different issues such as health discomfort and keeps them away from dust, toxic/hazardous products and prevent environmental contamination as all this exist only inside the machinery and not outside of it.
  • Installation of machinery also helps in reducing packaging costs as it involves only one time costing of installation machinery and after first installation it works for years.
  • It also save storage costs for loose products as hundreds of products can be packed and then can be stored in package format.
  • With packaging machinery reliability can also be ensured as it could help in maintaining the hygiene of product by eliminating hand contact.

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Different packaging machineries

Packaging is very essential for product in the present scenario and an efficient packaging can only be provided by packaging machineries. For packaging of various products whether it is liquid, solid or powder different packaging machineries are available. This machinery is designed in a manner that they can pack lots and lots of products all together in minutes. They have capabilities that they can pack as per the specification. An owner can simply install this machinery with their manufacturing units and simply instruct this machinery to pack all the products that are manufactured at his unit.

This packaging machinery is very advantageous in a manner that it proves advantageous such as it can reduce labour charge, it can improve there working condition and can save excess expense on them other than this it also increases productivity and efficiency of product by providing ultimate packaging solutions to the products.

There are two major types of packing machines:

  1. Automatic packing machine – The Automatic packing machinery are designed withinnovative approach that can pack variety of products automatically and efficiently. As per this once you start an automatic machine you need to just instruct it that what types of packaging you need. Once it gets all instruction and details it will start packaging and will only end once packaging of all products is done. For instruction to such machinery one and only one instructor is required.


  1. Semi automatic packing machine – The other one is Semi automatic packing machine. Such types of machineries are a combination of manual as well automatic packaging. In such type of machineries task of packaging is completed in intervals. And after completing one task it stops.


Though both do not require lots and lots of manpower and only one instructor is enough for such machinery they both vary a little. Even when they both can pack in bulk still the difference between two is packaging time. The automatic machinery completes the entire task after one instruction itself but semi automatic machinery after completing one task of packaging waits for next instruction.

Though automatic machinery provides an efficient packaging solution that packs in less time and in less instruction but in case if some wrong instruction is given it will stop only when complete task is finished whereas you can change your instruction with semi automatic if in case you are wrong at any point.


Factors that leads to perfect packaging solutions

Packaging is something that expresses everything of product and company. It increases the probability of being chosen from among different varieties and thus increases the sales of that product. In this competitive world where everyone is looking for advanced and enhancing packaging solution it is very essential to go on for perfect packaging solutions.

For providing best product packaging various machineries are also available. With this product packaging machinery one can ensure perfect packaging of product. Plenty of packaging machineries are available for different types of products. With this machine one can ensure efficient end fast packaging solutions this is a onetime investment that will yield results for many coming years.

Automatic packing machine,kurkure packing machine, chips packing machine

Automatic packing machine

Though Packaging increases sales but proper packaging is very necessary and to provide perfect packaging one must remember following factor of packaging:

  • Remember the product – Before deciding the packaging one must remember the product that if you are selling a liquid product the packaging must be such that packaging is attractive but can also store the liquid completely. Every product packaging must suit the product also.
  • Make simple packaging looks attractive – It is not necessary to sell a product in a costly packaging packets. This will incur lot of cost and will also increase the costing of a product. Rather use simple packaging solution that looks attractive and directly penetrate the products in consumer mind.
  • Wisely analyze the competition – Always analyze that in what type of packaging your competitors are selling. Try to be more attractive than them so that people will change the buying decision towards your product.
  • Know your consumer – Only when you know the taste and preferences of customer you will be able to provide best packaging for your product.
  • Be prepare before change in product packaging – If your customer is using product from years in same packaging then be wise enough before changing that particular packaging and if you do so remember to take all necessary action for adaption.
  • Packaging must display the brand – Packaging of product must be such that it directly displays everything about the product and company. It must have all necessary information that will be required by the customer.

Product packaging – A changed concept

Packaging concept has changes with time. Prior, when all the packaging’s of products were done by hands it was accepted by customer as it is. But in the current stage of marketing and promotion it is very essential to have a perfect packaging with which a product can be penetrated into the customers mind. This is only possible when a product has a standardized packaging for all its products.

So as to maintain standardization and quality of a product the business owner opts for various products packaging machineries. There are various firms that produce several types of packaging machineries for packaging of different products. Whether it is liquid, solid or powders these machineries provides quality packaging solutions for all.

Modern packaging solutions are far better than traditional in all manners. Some of the advantages of packaging machineries over traditional packaging are:

  1. It saves time – Prior when hundreds of employee’s were employed for packaging of product it used to take hours and hours in only packaging, but packaging machinery can pack in a slot of hundreds all together.
  2. It provides standardization – Unlike the traditional packaging in modern packaging it can be assured that packaging of every product will remain same. Thus standardization can achieve.
  3. Reduce packaging cost and labor expense – with machinery there is no need of hundreds of employees for packaging and thus once machinery is installed than there is no cost involved.
  4. No need of storage of loose products – As you can pack hundreds of products all together need of storage of open packaging vanish.

Thus to obtain several advantages one should go for modern packaging solution that is installation of product packaging machineries.


Importance of product packaging

In today’s world when there is availability of lot of variety and selection for choices of products it is very difficult to choose the best product. Whenever you go to a shopping market you get more than 10 variety of every product. Whether it is biscuits, shampoos, flour, stationery, cosmetics etc. while selecting people either pick what they are using from years or they will choose which looks more attractive to them. The attractiveness of product can only be achieved through packaging.

People these days do not have time to buy, use and then make a purchasing decision they simply pick what looks best to them thus packaging is essential for products. These day’s who has that much time to analyze advantage and disadvantage of product they will be using they are always in search of shortcuts for everything. The shortcut to shopping is packaging. The better the packaging will be the more will customer buy the product.

If you remember dairy milk you will remember the dark blue packaging of the dairy milk and not the actual chocolate in it and if you will remember of uncle chips you will remember its green pack and not the actual chips inside. This is all packaging. This attractive packaging is sufficient in itself to penetrate the product in consumers mind for long. These big companies very well know that to increase their sales and to maintain product images in consumer mind you need a good packaging.

chips packing machine


Other than the successful existing companies and big firms, product packaging is very essential for new startups also as the good product packaging can express the direct image of company. It directly impacts the sales and expresses the company’s overall appeal. In among 20 products in a shopping bazaar people will easily get attracted to a product with excellent packaging rather than the product which has clumsy or unhealthy packing.

It is very essential to go for best product packaging because it communicates everything about the product of a company other than this it also directly communicate about the company and its approach. It creates a lasting impression in the targeted customer’s mind.

Packaging machines for snacks and namkeen

Snacks and namkeen product production is one of the important business in today’s world. Especially in India this namkeens and snacks are a part of everyday life. Namkeens and snacks which were served openly at small corners in India have now taken a well format structure. Snacks and namkeen are now sold in proper packs. This packaging maintains the quality and assures that the snacks and Namkeen remains good even after days. In India people look for various snacks whenever they are hungry or whenever they need a short break. There are several small packets of tasty namkeens available at all retailer shops near you. People buy them and enjoy them anytime and anywhere while at travelling, at the bus stop, at the station, at offices, at colleges, schools etc. whether it is a small child, a youngster or an old man all enjoys snacks and namkeens. Thus snacks must have proper packaging so that people can enjoy it anywhere.

The snacks and namkeen which is like a daily food in India are available in small size packets so that anyone can carry it and can enjoy it anywhere. The main necessity of such packaging is because this namkeens get destroyed with moisture and thus it must be packed to store it for long time. The proper packaging makes it more tasty and enjoyable at any time. Any snacks or namkeen available in India is now available in well packaging manner. Whether it chips, puffed snacks, salty dry fruits, sweet candies, macaroni, biscuits, breakfasts, cereals, potato Chips, kurkure, nuts or any other Indian namkeen it is available in packets. There are many big names and firms that are associated with providing high quality snacks and namkeen products they deal in selling of different types of snacks in a same format of packaging which makes it a brand. People in India love this snacks and enjoy them in their everyday life. Some of the renowned names are Kurkure, Lays, Uncle chips, Bikaner, Bikaji, Bikano, Balaji and many more.

kurkure packing machine

All of them have implied several types of packaging machineries for packaging of such products. This high quality packaging solutions ensures freshness and quality of food products & maintained this in the packaging.

Liquid packaging machineries

For owner who owns a manufacturing industry of liquid products then packaging of such products is a major concern. The liquid which is either water, cold drinks, juices, liquid detergents, shampoos, phenyls etc. Their packaging is a major task for such firms. The liquid is difficult to store because of which It requires a well planned structure and format for its packaging .most of the times in manual packaging some hole’s or cracks may lead to loosing of complete pack of liquid thus the liquid packaging requires standardized and quality packaging system. For such firms liquid packaging machineries are very essential.

One can set liquid packaging machinery at the liquid manufacturing plant for efficient packaging. These days when packaging decides the sale, proper quality is very important for every product even when it is liquid thus for standardized packaging of liquid products one can depend completely on this type of packaging machine.

packaging machines

The liquid packaging machine ensures that liquid is packed in a proper manner. Proper seal and packaging is done by the machine without any whole or crack. The liquid packaging machines also pack with a sealed packaging so that no loss of liquid is done.

If one wishes to buy liquid packaging machinery for any kind of liquid products packing then they can look forward to very renowned company Anubhavudyog. They are very famous for manufacturing of different types of packaging machine. The packaging machinery – Semi Pneumatic for Liquid Packing is very famous for liquid packaging. Other than the existing machinery manufactured at the Anubhavudyog they also deal in manufacturing of machinery as per the requirement of client. All the manufacturing of packaging machinery at Anubhavudyog is done by dedicated staff under the supervision of highly qualified engineers. These engineers have specialization of the designing of these machines and their equipment thus integrity & quality of packaging is ensured.