Packaging in a food manufacturing firm

There are numerous food manufacturing companies. With the growing need of food like snacks and namkeens the food manufacturing companies has also increased. Different brands and different companies have involved themselves in manufacturing of such products and its packaging. You can see several brands like Bikano, Bikaji, Haldiram, Lays, Uncle Chips, Kurkure etc.  These famous brands are the companies who only deal in food business.

People enjoy eating snacks and sweets outside in a clean packets. Famous companies like above sell the food product in a packed manner so that they can be easily enjoyed. Companies like Haldiram is into both the sweet and snack business. All this brands can be recognized easily by the similar types of packaging used to sell its products. By the packaging itself you can distinguish a chips pack of lays from a chips pack of uncle chips. This has only been possible due to advancement in technology of packaging.

Prior when manual packaging was available with food manufacturing company’s proper packaging was not assured. It is not necessary that similar packaging can be done for each product by hands but with food packaging machinery efficient and similar packaging can be ensured. There are firms that help in installation of packaging machineries like Kurkure packaging machinery, chips packaging machinery, snacks packaging machinery etc. With this machinery thousands of products can be efficiently packed in same type of packets. But a food manufacturing firm must keep some points in mind for packaging they are:

  1. Food remains healthy for long.
  2. It stays away from moisture and insects.
  3. It includes proper label of ingredients in it.
  4. Its disposal is as per environmental rules.

Also decide that whether your company is ready for automation or not. This can be judged by following steps:

  1. Identify that does your business requires automation at present or not.
  2. Analyze current packaging scenario that what is the current packaging rate, how many competitors are equipped with packaging machinery, what are prevalent market condition for automation etc
  3. Find out the installation charges that will be required to install the packaging machinery and analyze that is it manageable or not that is will you able to afford it.
  4. Make a proper selection decision of appropriate machinery depending upon the product.
  5. Determine the future goals that whether this automation will help your organization in any means in your future.


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