Pouch Packing Machine Made In India

Semi Pneumatic Machine For Liquid Packing

Model No: AA1110

Semi Pneumatic for Liquid Packing made by us are designed to require packaging to successive level of excellence. Affording specialized packaging support, these are backed by latest method technology that allow in them perfect operational standards. Delivering precise control in involved packing activity, these machines deliver superior performance in terms of filling and alternative sub-processes that are a part of the packaging.

pouch packing machine

Liquid Packing Machine

Further, the effective use of quality parts and excellent workmanship standards also build these Semi-Liquid Filling Machines gain high recognition for their less maintenance needs, reducing the damage, & tear costs and guaranteeing offered operations deliver preciseness filling operations.

We can build these machines offered in multi track modes also like totally different operating speeds depending on product as well as sachet/pouch dimensions. apart from this, we also provide in these choices of handling totally different roll widths, roll diameters and pouch lengths. Further, its advanced technology primarily based servo and magnetic force clutch and break film draw mechanisms with advanced web controller choices guarantees these machines have high demand within the markets.

Packaging Items

Any type of liquid products like milk packing, oil packing, ghee packing, mustard oil packing, etc.

Technical Specification

Pouch Style                                         Center Seal, Three-Four Side Seal

Filling system                                      Screw Feeder

Filling Accuracy                                  1-1.5% (Depend on nature of product)

Packaging Size                                     Min (as per product) and Max (180 x 300)

Packing Speed                                     As per Product

Packing Material                                 Any Heat sealable Laminated Films

Packaging Weight                                As pr product

Power Consumption                            2.5 kw

Dimensions (Approx.) (WxDxH)       900x900x1300


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