Different packaging machineries

Packaging is very essential for product in the present scenario and an efficient packaging can only be provided by packaging machineries. For packaging of various products whether it is liquid, solid or powder different packaging machineries are available. This machinery is designed in a manner that they can pack lots and lots of products all together in minutes. They have capabilities that they can pack as per the specification. An owner can simply install this machinery with their manufacturing units and simply instruct this machinery to pack all the products that are manufactured at his unit.

This packaging machinery is very advantageous in a manner that it proves advantageous such as it can reduce labour charge, it can improve there working condition and can save excess expense on them other than this it also increases productivity and efficiency of product by providing ultimate packaging solutions to the products.

There are two major types of packing machines:

  1. Automatic packing machine – The Automatic packing machinery are designed withinnovative approach that can pack variety of products automatically and efficiently. As per this once you start an automatic machine you need to just instruct it that what types of packaging you need. Once it gets all instruction and details it will start packaging and will only end once packaging of all products is done. For instruction to such machinery one and only one instructor is required.


  1. Semi automatic packing machine – The other one is Semi automatic packing machine. Such types of machineries are a combination of manual as well automatic packaging. In such type of machineries task of packaging is completed in intervals. And after completing one task it stops.


Though both do not require lots and lots of manpower and only one instructor is enough for such machinery they both vary a little. Even when they both can pack in bulk still the difference between two is packaging time. The automatic machinery completes the entire task after one instruction itself but semi automatic machinery after completing one task of packaging waits for next instruction.

Though automatic machinery provides an efficient packaging solution that packs in less time and in less instruction but in case if some wrong instruction is given it will stop only when complete task is finished whereas you can change your instruction with semi automatic if in case you are wrong at any point.